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Top India Spice

Read about Best Spice Exporter in India, Know more about the most common and essential Indian spices, Top Spice Exporter in India, Indian spices are a different collection of spices and herbs produced in the Indian
subcontinent. India provides a broad variety of spices, many of which are native to the
subcontinent, due to the country's various environments. Spices are used in a variety of ways, including whole, sliced, cooked, roasted, steamed, fried, and as a dressing. They blend food in order to release nutrition and bind them in a succinct manner. Some spices are used as
seasonings at the end and are usually heated in a pan with cooking oil before being added to the food. Spices with a gentler flavour and fragrance should be added last in cooking a dish, while spices with a sharp and strong taste should be added first.
In this blog post, you’ll find details of some of the top Indian spices, their uses, as well as the list of top organic spices manufacturing companies in India.
TBP is one of the best spice manufacturers and exporters in India. They provide high-quality
garlic powder, cumin seeds, ginger powder, black pepper, red chilli powder, turmeric, and
many other popular Indian spices. Their top-notch quality, excellent services and budget-
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List of some of the top Indian spices, their uses, and popular manufacturers and suppliers
other than TBP-
Cumin- Cumin is a flowering plant in the Apiaceae family that is indigenous to the Middle
East and spreads east to India. Cumin seed is a spice that has a unique taste and aroma.
Cumin seeds may be used whole or ground. It adds an aromatic, spicy flavour to food,
making it a favourite in savoury dishes, and also in marinated gravies. It is also found in
some pickles and desserts. Cumin seeds are best-used whole and fried in oil in a pan at the starting of a recipe. Royal Spices and Virdhara are two of the best cumin seeds suppliers in India.

Cardamom- Cardamoms are distinguished by their roughly triangular seed pods with a
papery external layer and small, black seeds. Cardamoms are of two types- Green cardamom-
 Elettaria pods are light green and smaller in size. Black cardamom- Amomum pods are dark
brown and wider and longer in size.
Both types of Cardamoms are used as flavouring agent in dishes and drinks. Although
required in less quantity, green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by
weight. Green cardamom or elaichi is also used in the preparation of milk tea. Spice Basket
and Shimla Hills are two of the top cardamom manufacturers in India.

Saffron- Saffron is a spice originating from the plant of Crocus sativus, also known as the
"saffron crocus." The vibrant crimson stigma and styles, known as threads, are thoroughly
dried for primary use as a seasoning and colouring agent in food and drinks. Saffron is the
world's most expensive spice by weight. Experts identify the taste of saffron as hay-like and
sweet. Saffron also adds a bright golden or orange-red colour to food and drink. Saffron is
commonly used in Persian, Indian and Arab cuisines. Saffron has a rich history of being used
in traditional medicine. Kashmiri Kesar Leader is one of the best saffron suppliers in India.


Coriander- Coriander is a herbaceous plant in the Apiaceae family. It's sometimes referred
to as Chinese parsley, dhania, or cilantro. While all parts of the plant are edible, the leaves
and dry seeds are most commonly used in cooking. Coriander is used in a variety of cuisines
around the world.    The fresh leaves are used to garnish a variety of sauces, including
chutneys, salads, curries and salsa.  Coriander leaves are used in large quantities in Indian
recipes. Coriander seeds are the dry fruits of the plant.  These seeds are mainly referred to as
spice. The flavour, fragrance, and texture of the seeds are enhanced by frying or heating them
in a pan. Coriander is also used in powder form. Virdhara International and Parakram
Superfoods are the two major coriander seeds manufacturers in India.

Garam Masala- India’s favourite, garam masala is a blend of South Asian spices common in
Asia including Indian cuisines. It can be used alone or in combination with other spices.
Garam masala's composition varies locally and regionally. there are many recipes throughout
the Indian subcontinent based on regional and individual taste, and each one is as authentic as
others. The components are toasted before being ground together. Almost all organic spices
manufacturing companies in India supply garam masala. Dhanhar is one of the top garam
masala manufacturers in India.