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TBP has started its operations with a small spice shop in Delhi and now is one of the biggest and best spice exporter, manufacturer and trader in India and the world. They produce best quality of Coriander Seeds, Elaichi, Red Chilli Powder, Green Cardamom, Ginger Suppliers, Paprika Oleoresin, Seeds, Garlic Powder, Fenugreek, Asafoetida, Bay Leaf, and Cumin Seeds.They are member of all India Spices forum and they also exports Saffron to more than 100 countries in the world. If you are looking for organic spice manufacturers or spices manufacturing companies in India then TBP is the best place.

Coriander Seeds

We are the best coriander seed manufacturer in Delhi. You can buy coriander seed in wholesale in Delhi from us. Coriander is utilised in a wide range of cuisines all around the world. The leaves are used to top dishes such as soups, stews, curries, and sauces. Coriander leaves are commonly used in Delhi cooking. Coriander seeds are the plant's dried fruits. These seeds are commonly used as a spice. Roasting or cooking the seeds in a saucepan improves their taste, aroma, and texture. As a leading coriander seed exporter in Delhi, Delhi, we provide our clients with organic and pure coriander seeds of the highest quality.

Turmeric Powder

We are the best turmeric powder manufacturer in Delhi. Customers can buy wholesale turmeric powder in Delhi from us. It is one of the most commonly utilized Delhi spices, appearing in nearly every curry and recipe to add a pleasant salty flavour and a golden yellow colour. Turmeric, commonly known as Haldi, is extremely beneficial to one's wellness. Turmeric, and particularly its most active component, curcumin, has several scientifically proved health advantages, including the ability to improve heart health and prevent dementia and malignancy. It may also aid in the management of arthritic pains. As a top wholesale turmeric powder manufacturer in Delhi, we offer our customers pure and finest quality turmeric powder.

Red Chilli Powder

We are a premium red chilli powder exporter in Delhi. Our great quality and economic price range make us the best wholesale red chilli powder exporter in Delhi. Chilli powder is the dried and crushed mix made mostly of crushed hot peppers and additional spices such as onion powder, garlic powder, and salts. Red chilli peppers are the most popular in the production of chilli powder, and spicy variants generally incorporate cayenne pepper as well. Red chilli powder is used as a spice to add spiciness and a strong taste to food. As the best red chilli powder manufacturer in Delhi, we provide organic, pure and excellent quality chilli powder to our customers. We are also the best wholesale red chilli powder manufacturer in Delhi with years of experience in the industry.

Green Cardamom

We are the finest wholesale green cardamom supplier in Delhi because of our high-quality products and competitive prices. Cardamom has a rich, distinct flavour as well as a strongly distinctive, earthy fragrance. Green cardamom is one of the most costly spices by weight, however, only a modest amount is required to give taste. Green cardamom is commonly used as a garnish in rice and other recipes, as well as in traditional Delhi desserts and masala tea. As the best green cardamom supplier in Delhi, we offer our customers pure, clean, and excellent quality green cardamom. With years of expertise in the sector, we are also the top wholesale green cardamom exporter in Delhi.


We provide our clients with premium quality cardamom at affordable prices. Cardamoms are recognised by their nearly triangular seed pods, which have a papery outer covering and tiny, black seeds inside. There are two kinds of cardamoms: Elettaria pods are bright green and smaller in size. Amomum pods are dark brown and larger in size. Cardamoms of both varieties are used as a flavouring ingredient in meals and beverages. Green cardamom or elaichi is widely used in preparing milk tea. You can buy wholesale cardamom in Delhi, Delhi from us. Our quality products, efficient services and reasonable prices make us the best cardamom exporter in Delhi.

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